3 Responses to “What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down?”

  1. Microdude125 says:

    Lol.Very satirical, but also true. That’s why it’s funny. I WOULD probably do most of those things.

  2. Fausto Giunta says:

    LOL, I have to say the on-line dating or electronic dating has come a very long way since the days of straight forward chat rooms. Much more and more people are turning to on the web dating web sites to display potential dates.

  3. Clarisse says:

    I will panic, yes panic. I will have to confess that I am very much dependent on the web. If I need anything, I go straight to google. Or if I need to talk to my friends, I just send a quick private message in FB. I don’t even print pictures anymore because, well, the web offers much space for storing and sharing pictures. So yeah, I will definitely panic!

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